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To help you find your question, look for the category and then your question. Some of these questions are listed in multiple categories. If you can’t find it there, check a related category before emailing your teacher. These are frequently asked questions by former students.



I've finished, what do I have to do to now?

How do I receive my certificate?

Where can I print it?

How long will it take to receive it?


The following is the process:  

1. We will then have to verify your records (including checking for payment).

2. You will have access to your certificate within 2 normal business days. (Mon – Fri.)

3. You'll simply login and print the certificate from any computer.

4. You'll always have access to your records (personal info and scores, no test questions) as long as you have your ID and password.

Course requirements

            What if I finish in less than 30 hours?


“…You must log 30 hours.....” As indicated in the original agreement and established state guidelines, If you happen to finish prior to logging the time, you will be encouraged to revisit the workbook and bring up scores as you reread the material. 

            I have finished and it will not allow me to take the final test. What do I do?


Unfortunately, you are in a situation where you must go back and log additional hours in order to get the correct number of hours. Our suggestion is for you to go back to your workbook and text to bring up those scores.

            If I finish all the tests do I still have to have 30 hours?


Yes! As stated in the Agreement, you must log at least 30 hours in this program, as well as complete all the requirements in order to receive a certificate. If you finish early, our suggestion will be for you to return and read or work on bringing your workbook scores up in order to log the time. 

                   **NO EXCEPTIONS**


          Does this program allow me to get an insurance discount?


Not by itself! You’ll need to show a certificate from this course and one for driving 6 hours with a licensed driving school in Georgia.

Where can I get the driving log?


                        GA. 40-hour parent guide


Do I have to go to a driving school to get any driving?


It is not required; however, all driving practice will be beneficial to you, especially from a licensed professional teacher.

General info

Where can I find other Georgia requirements?


Georgia requirements are listed on p. 10 of the Module 1 in your textbook. It can also be found on the Georgia Department of Driver Services website at:  http://www.dds.ga.gov (link)

Is this program licensed by the state of Georgia for teen licensing for Joshua’s Law?


Yes! Costech Training School is a licensed limited driver training school in the state of Georgia. This method of providing driver education was created especially to satisfy this new legislation.

Why do I receive the General emails to ALL STUDENTS emails?


We have experienced a high number of emails requesting that particular information. Responding to these FAQ’s requires a tremendous amount of time from our staff that could be spent analyzing student progress, and helping to clarify content, etc.  We have found that we can cut down on that number by sending these reminders. We do apologize if they don’t pertain to you.

New students

          What are some tips for new students?

A.     Read:  You have to be on every page in the book at least once.  The program logs your time on each page. If do not been on every page in a topic, you will receive a message telling you to do so in order to access the quiz or test.

B.      Fill in Personal Info:  Make sure that all your personal info is filled in.

C.      Log out each time

D.     Don’t allow your computer to sit idle for extended periods of time.

E.      Don't be guilty of trying to learn the material by taking the quizzes multiple times until you pass. You still have to have been on all the pages and have logged 30 hours in order to finish.

How can I see my progress?


On the left side of your screen, click the VIEW RECORD button. Then scroll to the bottom.


I did not pay during the registration process, can I go back now and do this and how do I do this?


Go to the login page, click on Contact Info button, and see the check or credit card info. (The fastest way is by credit card.) If you are paying by check or money order, send to the address on the page.


I see that the price has changed. I haven’t paid yet. What do I pay?


Whatever the price was when you registered is the contract price. If you pay by credit card, you card will be charged the current price, HOWEVER, you will get a refund of the difference. If by check, just send the correct amount.

Program issues (including navigational, saving. Fixits)               

            I can’t logout, because I don’t see the stop sign in the lower left corner?


                        1. Go to the desktop,

2. Right click on an open space (no icons or buttons)

3. left-click on the SETTINGS tab.

4. click/hold/drag the arrow on screen resolution till it gets to 1024 x 768 pixels.

5. Click OK (You may have to restart or reboot your computer.)

Where can I find my personal information recorded during the registration process and course progress?


On the left of your screen, click the View Records button to find all of your personal information as well as course progress.

            My workbook will not save?


Here are 2 possible problems. Too much info, or not all answer spaces have been filled.

1. Make your answers short and sweet as from the book. Rarely do we require a response bigger than the answer spaces.

2. Make sure all the answer spaces are filled.

            My workbook seems to have lost some information, what has happened?


Possibly, you could be using a browser that will not allow this information to be saved. Many students have had these issues while using AOL’s browser. We suggest that you switch to Internet Explorer, or Foxfire.

When I login, I get the message, “ACCESS DENIED.” What is happening and how do I fix it?


The most common reasons could be firewall restrictions or cookie issues. Here are a few fixits that you can try.


To adjust cookies in Internet Explorer:

                        1. In Internet Explorer click on "Tools" at the top of the window.

2. Select "Internet Options".

3. Click on the "Privacy" tab.

4. In the center of the "Privacy" tab screen, there should be an "Advanced"  button. Click this button.

5. Ensure that "Override automatic cookie handling" is checked.

6. First party cookies should be set to "Accept" and block third party cookies

7. Check "Always allow session cookies"

8. Click on "OK"

9. Exit Internet Explorer and restart your browser


To delete or remove cookies in Internet Explorer:

1. Click on the Tools option on the Explorer menu. 2. Then choose Internet Options.  Under the tab labeled “General” click on the

3. Delete Cookies and then Delete Files (check the box labeled 'Delete all offline content'.

4. To remove these temporary internet files click on the Delete Cookies button and

5. Click the OK button (this removes any cookies still in this area)

6. And next click the Delete Files button,

7. Check the checkbox for Delete all offline content (these are the pages that are cashed by your internet explorer when browsing web pages)

8. And click the OK button (this removes any web pages still cashed).


Firewall adjustments:


1) Try clearing your Internet Temporary files and cookies.

2) Adjust settings on your Internet Explorer with the attached file.

3) Adjust firewall settings with attached file (must use acrobat reader to open file or can be downloaded here http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html )

4) Change Browser to Firefox at which can be downloaded here http://getfirefox.com


          How does the grading work in the workbook?


The workbook is auto-graded to speed up the feedback to you while you go through the course. If you receive a message, make sure that you read and follow its directions.

What are some workbook tips?


The workbook:

                    -is auto graded,

                   -doesn't like misspelled words (no slang)

                   -doesn't like extremely long answers that go outside the lines.

                   -must have every space filled or checked (appropriately).

                   -will not let you take a quiz or test if you've skipped pages.

                   -average is more difficult to bring up the longer you wait.

 -must be completed in its entirety, even it takes you longer than 30 hours.

-really likes the answers from the textbook (as much as possible)

My workbook will not save?


Here are 2 possible problems. Too much info, or not all answer spaces have been filled.

1. Make your answers short and sweet as from the book. Rarely do we require a response bigger than the answer spaces.

2. Make sure all the answer spaces are filled.

            Page 38, will not give me a score. What do I do?


Page 38. is an exercise that you must complete. However, it will not give you a grade. It will not affect your average! Ignore the zero (0). It's a great exercise in trip planning. Have a safe trip!



I would like a refund what do I do?


You must submit the appropriate form using the link below. Please fill in all required information.  However, this form must be submitted within the specified dates of your “TERMS and CONDITIONS” which you agreed upon during registration.  A copy of these “terms” can be found on your Personal Info link on your menu.

        Refund Request Form

Note: We find that many students are requesting a refund simply due to the fact they do not have a good understanding of the navigational tools, they many times change their minds once they have spoken to one of our tech specialists.