Joshua’S Law Course 30 Hour In-Class And 6 Hour Behind The Wheel

Traditional 30/6 combination
for  $465

  • Teacher led, interactive, group
    activities, games and quizzes
  • GA Tax Credit
  • Package savings - 4 day accelerated
  • State Certified
  • Insurance discounts apply

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30 Hour In Class with a Teacher

Classroom course only
with a live teacher
for  $99

  • No contracts
  • State Certificate

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6-Hour Behind the Wheel

State Certified with a
Defensive Driving Component

* Insurance Discount
* GA Tax Credit

for  $130 per sesson
x 3 sessons

Pay as you go at each sesson

Skills & Test Prep
Stand-alone Skills with Test Preparation in your vehicle

Parallel Parking,
Turn about, etc.
No contracts,
No upfront fees

for  $150

E-LEARNING with Animation, Audio Narration and Video

Driver Ed Course

for  $95

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